📎 Attach files to mems

New in v0.22

New in v0.22 💫, you can add file attachments to mems. PDFs, spreadsheets, slide decks, songs—anything goes. Once files are attached to a mem, simply @mention a teammate to share the file or add a #hashtag for quick organization. Easily find files later with searches like "slide deck from sarah" or "financial report pdf from 2020".

You can attach a file to a mem in any of three ways:

  1. While typing in a mem, type /file and choose the Attach a file option

  2. Drag and drop files directly from your desktop into a mem

  3. Paste files directly from your clipboard into a mem

Additional notes

  • File attachments are stored securely using Google Cloud Storage.

  • Each file attachment is currently limited to 8 MB in size. We'll be increasing this limit over time.