📨 Send emails to Mem

You can now send and forward emails to save@mem.ai

You can now send emails directly to Mem. Anything you send to save@mem.ai will flow into your Timeline and Inbox, including file attachments and #tags for quick organization.

  • Want to save a flight confirmation email for later? Forward it to save@mem.ai with the tag #travel and search for "flight confirmation".

  • Received an important slide deck from a client? Forward it to save@mem.ai and find it later with a search like "slide decks from email".

  • Need to remember that pumpkin pie recipe that Mom sent you? Forward it to save@mem.ai with the tag #recipe

Mem automatically pulls out facts (e.g. addresses, confirmation numbers, etc.) from these emails. You can also search “from emails” or “save@mem.ai” to find all mems created in this way.

Getting Started
To get started, simply send an email to save@mem.ai from the Gmail address you use to sign in to Mem. If you would like to send emails to Mem from other email accounts, navigate to Flows -> Emails.

Additional notes

  • File attachments sent to save@mem.ai are currently limited to 10 MB in size. We'll be increasing this limit over time.

  • File attachments from emails are stored securely using Google Cloud Storage.

  • We only support email forwarding from Gmail accounts for now.

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