I tend to agree with everything, said in this article. I find AI features in general, and not necessarily specific to men to be really useful to gather and confirm thoughts. Not necessarily to produce anything. It hadn’t occurred to me previously, but yes, one of the big advantages of AI queries is being able to ask multiple questions and getting an overview answer. I do most of my queries in Perplexity but if men can do this, I’m gonna start testing it out.

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As a follow on, I just did a quick test using the Mem AI feature, and then Perplexity to ask a General question based on the content of that article. Seems pretty obvious that using a specific tool for queries, such as Perplexity, is far better than mem.

The question:

Is there a US state with a concentration of Mexican drug gangs? Are those gangs headquartered in the United States or in Mexico?




I'm afraid I don't have specific information on the location of Mexican drug gang headquarters or their concentration in specific US states in your knowledge base. However, it's generally known that Mexican drug cartels have significant operations in various parts of the United States, and their main headquarters are typically in Mexico. The exact locations can be quite fluid due to the clandestine nature of their operations and ongoing law enforcement efforts.

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