Sep 13, 2022·edited Sep 13, 2022

By pure coincidence I wrote only yesterday in the Full Focus Planner community on Facebook about how I think Mem is going to be a good 'back-end' for my personal productivity system. They had just published a podcast about task managers to use with the planner and feed the decision making process. They were all linear list-type systems (with a bit of kanban thrown in) and I thought they could usefully look at PKM systems too. As someone recently diagnosed with ADHD at 63, structured linear systems just don't sit comfortably with my brain and all too easily end up abandoned! That's why this newsletter resonated so strongly with me. I've tried a lot of list based systems and it always goes the same way, right from paper based systems in the 80's to Asana/Trello/ToDoist etc now. A hybrid system with a paper weekly/daily plan backed by Mem as my knowledge/decision base is what I'm trying now. I have big hopes!

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